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SCV OwnersSOMEWHERE over the last few decades, the American Dream seems to have all but disappeared – as though people forgot that their unique talents were supposed to help them find a way to do what they love. But we hold fast that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are still our quintessential rights.

Elevation Distilling began when two friends risked everything we knew to take the road less traveled.   With a passion for damn good vodka and a love of our home state, we set out to join the bold few craft artisans making Utah spirits, which has proven to be the most arduous undertaking of our lives.   Nearly five years later we proudly founded Salt City Vodka, and I would be lying to say that we were unafraid when we conceived this endeavor.   But with our persistence came knowledge, and with that knowledge came the confidence that we could press on through every challenge and obstacle in a noble pursuit – to get our hands dirty creating something of our own.
We make outstanding quality vodka because you don’t have to import overpriced European bottles to have premium spirits, and because the triumph over a hard day’s work is a cause worthy of celebration.
We fought our way through endless licensing hurdles and every unexpected delay imaginable…  All so at the end of the day we can create a truly delicious and smooth sipping vodka to share with our friends and family…  which we happily taste every batch to ensure its exceptional quality (and maintain our own sanity!).

We do our best to support local small businesses because we understand how courageous one must be to earn a life encompassed by their passions.   With the belief that through hard work you make your own luck, we proudly invite you to join us in celebrating life’s finest moments as you chase your own dreams.

Thank you all for your unwavering love and support. We wouldn’t be here without you!


Aaron & Jesse

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Latest News

“Salt City Greatest thing since sliced vodka!”

Yes, folks, it’s true.  So sharp you can cut a rug with it.

“Salt City Vodka elixir Cures Boredom!”

In the process of saving baby nuns, leading Salt City man discovers joy in having a buzz while doing…well, pretty much everything!  Brilliant!  One drink from now he may even be charming!

“Vodka, eh?  What say we get to the business end of that drink.”

Breaking research studies find Salt City Vodka to be incredibly popular among human beings with mouths!   Are you, or do you know someone?